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Do you think he cares about the Mac mini? Mac mini is irrelevant.


What does it do well? Nothing, other than some use as a server. How can Apple improve it? What do people want from it? Make it mini not just in name, but also in nature. Give it a Thunderbolt cable for peripheral devices, external drives, and the like. Celebrate the fact that most of these things will be kept in a draw and only used infrequently.

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Or just delete the product entirely, and tell people to get an iPad. With that storyline now pretty much managed, the iMac Pro in the here and now and a Mac Pro promise next year, will Apple now improve Mac mini or quietly put the product out of its misery? Important is an adjective , not a noun — and all Apple products are important until the company decides to delete them.

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More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register. Able to stream few HD movies even from my old Mac Mini. Works good with Samsung and Sony TVs.

I tried several of those. My folders would show up on the Smart TV but nothing showed up in any of them. I was having trouble with my Nero MediaHome but it seems to be working again. So I thought I would try a different one.

One after that other and none would show up the files in the folders. I used to have a Vista desktop and had installed Universal Media Server in it because Nero had quite well Universal Media Server worked quite well but not in mt Win 10 laptop.

Just use media player… mezzmo is a resource hog. Java is great for multi-platform programs but it is interpreted which means its slower and uses more resources. Additionally, Java tends to add exploits into your system which why there are so many regular patches for it.

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That is very biased opinion, I think. Every windows and even mac OS X have exploits, and many of them is zero day exploits. But I have not heard from anyone call other softwares bad things, cause running them on windows or OSX. Thanks for your comment. However, if I can avoid Java, I will. Do you really think Android runs using an interpreted language?

Mezzmo Sucks!

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Emby is what I chose, it has some bugs but it has a huge community that is very active in making it better. They have tonsof client capability for just about any format you can think but that is also its drawback has the try to do everything development and bug fixing can be trying and slow at times. Emby does have linux support. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Good Allows easy integration of online media sources such as Netflix and Hulu Supports local and online content.

Why Do I Need DLNA Media Server Software?

Bad Early in development so may have more issues than more mature servers. Good Painless setup Supports transcoding to devices Metadata processed on server. Bad Parts are closed-source Mobile apps and Plex Pass are paid options. Good Free option Cross-platform Supports local and online content. Good Cross-platform Comprehensive Featureset Supports transcoding. Good Open-source Cross-platform Free. Good Free Cross-platform.

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Bad Uses Java No longer under development. You May Also Like You may need to tell the DLNA server to refresh the media library. I have to agree local media will always have its place. Hi Muvoksi, Java is great for multi-platform programs but it is interpreted which means its slower and uses more resources.

You seem to be confusing Java for the crappy and now-dead Java web-plugins.