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Brian Lyttle Brian Lyttle 2 7 Darren Newton Darren Newton 2 16 This is the best way I've found without using a third party app. Good way to do it. Can you elaborate with some "for dummies" advice regarding setting the hotkey? I added an "application shortcut" where application is Keychain Access. Very lousy that there is no native shortcut for this: You're saying it will and already does for sure or you hope it will? I suspect he means that in Snow Leopard this feature is there.

Apparently , this can be combined with the option "System Preferences - Security - Require password immediately after sleep or screen saver begins", Stefan. Automator to create a service that calls: I'm using Control - Option - Command - L. I hadn't used Automator before, but the article you link to explains it all very clearly. Also, if you really want to launch the screensaver instead of the user switching thing as in the original question , check out this comment: I finally went with hotkeys for two distinct actions: Read the comments on the article to see how to achieve the latter.

I've been using this method since I posted this answer. It still works great. My only compliant is that it takes up to 10s to switch to the Login Window. Calling the command line from terminal takes about 8s, so 2s is the Automator activating and 8s is the actual CGSession call. It seems the Art of Geek website is gone?

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Mark Thalman Mark Thalman 10 Here is an easy implementation: Open Automator Create a New "Workflow" Click on the "Record" button Now record yourself selecting the keylock and then the "Lock Screen" option At this point your screen saver will kick in, so press ESC and log back in Stop the recording In the recorded steps, delete any recorded steps after "Lock Screen".

It doesn't hurt to test it now by pressing the "Play" button Now save your Workflow. Make sure at the top of this Service that you select "no input" for "Service receives" Test some more Now comes the real "magic" Now save your Service give it a human-readable name like "Lock My Screen Service" Go to the "APple Menu" and open up "System Preferences" Select "Keyboard" In this section choose "Keyboard Shortcuts" Select "Services" on the left On the right hand side scroll all the way to the bottom under "General" and you will find "Lock My Screen Service" There is a grayed-out text to the right that says "none", which means that no shortcut has been assigned, so click on it and an "add shortcut" button appears.

Click on it. Now press your desired combination i. Close out and test it by pressing the button. OS Mac applications for academics: Snow Leopardo gkoya.

To fix: I had previously set this to [5 seconds] so that I could quickly bail out of the screen saver when it started accidentally. The hot-key only operates after you have launched the LockTight prefpane. At least, after I reboot, the hot-key no longer does anything until I relaunch the LockTight prefpane. Never had that issue prior to SnowLeopard.

All the source and project files are in the download packages: Snow Leopard Compatibility: Applications H - N. As of Mac OS X Then you can simply assign this new service a shortcut from the Keyboard Shortcuts preference pane.

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If you would prefer to lock the screen rather than use a screen saver, use Automator to run a shell script with the following command:. See this more general tip: Bloquear ordenador: I hit the hotkey, the padlock button comes up, screen goes black for a second and then it goes back to the desktop. I believe this fixes the bug ;-. Shadows and Images:: Mac Software. This sounds good.

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This is great. Thank you!

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Open the panel in Sydney Preferences. Very good man! Trevor Turk — Links for LockTight for Mac at The bloody toe. LockTight highball.

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Part 1 — Physical Security foXnoMad. Mac useful tools Bipin Karmacharya. It will turn off your monitors to save power and will require a password, if one exists, to wake up. Beau, that is brilliant! Works for me with Lion.

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Thanks so much: A way we found to get around using this on Mountain Lion where you have to open the pref pane before itll work:. Por el gusto de compartir. LockTight for Mac Nathan Nelson. How can I trigger the screensaver on my Mac? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So you did not actually click even once to lock the screen, cool? Follow the steps to know how to lock screen using this option — 1 Firstly we need to set password for screen saver. Let me know your comments and if you have more ways to do the same just share with us. Stay Digified!!

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