Cant delete alias files mac

But aliases are great for many other reasons:. You can put the actual file in any folder and then create aliases of the file, placing them in any other applicable folder. When you create an alias, its icon looks the same as the icon that it represents, but the suffix alias is tacked onto its name and a tiny arrow called a badge appears in the lower-left corner of its icon.

Figure 1 shows both an alias and its parent icon that is, the icon that opens if you open the alias. An alias appears where you release the mouse button.

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  • How to delete Alias Files on Mac OS X Snow Leopard??
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Hello, I just deleted few pictures on my mac snow leopard machine, it seems the files are deleted but the pics files are still recognized under finder, when I made a double click on the files it getting alias files can't be opened, delete alias to fix. But am unable to delete them, tried in many ways, in vain. Also restarted machine many times hoping it gets fixed automatically, but no progress.

Working with Aliases in Mac OS X

Kindly suggest me what to do. Thank you. Join Date Nov Posts Hi friend, It is very simple to delete the alias files on mac os x snow leopard. For this you need to follow some instructions. First of all tap the home screen. Now locate the alias files where it is stored. After locating select the files which you want to delete.

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  • Unable to delete alias file?

After selecting go to the options. Select the delete option. Conform the delete option. Thank you Paliyal79 Array. Join Date Dec Posts Firstly open the desktop icons by turn on the mac.

Now locate the Alias files it is stored. Get the error message. Does not work. Yes, they tried using terminal, did not work.

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We tried all the normal responses. Nothing worked. All the files are my files.

What is an alias on the Mac?

I am the only person that uses my Mac. The files are all different kinds - excel, pdf, word, wav.

Aliases and Your Mac – Fix, Delete, Manage

The store recommended swiping the mac and reinstalling everything. Could it be a broken link to a database somewhere? Ya know, just to be certain it isn't a corrupted system file, you might try downloading and installing the Combo Updater that matches your current system version.

That will often replace most of the critical system files and could resolve the problem.

How to delete Alias Files on Mac OS X Snow Leopard?

Have you tried your backup? Booting to the backup and seeing if that resolves the problem is probably the best yet. With a backup you can also do a reinstall on the main drive and then migrate back so you don't lose anything. I'd second Ricks motion! That seems like the path of least resistance, least hastle and I bet it works.

And if it doesn't you're no worse off than when you started. Are they stuck in one location? Or can you move them around just not trash them?

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  • Re: How to delete Alias Files on Mac OS X Snow Leopard?!
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If you can move them try putting them in the "Shared" Folder then log in as a new user and let the new user delete them. Anything put in that folder has it's permissions changed by the system software automagically so that any user can do about anything to them. Definitely better than wiping the drive if you having no other issues. Join Date Feb Location on the landline, Mr. Smith Posts 7, How about Can you now delete the alias? This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining.

Wish I was smart That is a great suggestion Unc.