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Description optional. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Feb 17, The WD has the About a minute into the clone, I wondered if perhaps I should check Shirt Pocket to be sure it would work, but it was too late so on with the process. I have a second clone drive, so no worries It took a little longer in smart mode, but it boots just fine.

Seems to be OK. The first boot was slower than normal. Pesky Indexing. Now, I don't want to encourage anyone to think it's OK for any system without Shirt Pocket's approval, but it worked here. Super version 2. Hope the report helps someone. This exclusion only applies when the "Documents and Data" syncing is disabled.

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CCC handles memory more efficiently now when numerous errors are encountered. When this occurred, CCC was occasionally unable to complete sending the email when the system awoke e. CCC will now retain its idle sleep assertion long enough to complete sending the email notification. CCC is now more conservative about starting a scheduled task if the system might be entering a sleep state.

If the lid of your laptop is closed, for example, and your scheduled task is configured to wake the system to run the task, the system may forcibly go back to sleep between seconds after waking. Previously, CCC might have been able to start a task in that window of time. This version avoids starting a task in those situations to avoid Dark Wake cycles periods of sleep and wake in which network and disk connectivity are constantly in flux.

NFS volumes in which the root user is mapped to the root user vs. CCC now offers volume-specific advice about how to enable full disk encryption. Enabling encryption on an OS X backup volume, for example, involves several steps that must be executed in the correct order. If full disk encryption is not supported on a particular volume, CCC indicates exactly why not. We have also added answers to some frequently asked questions about full disk encryption to our documentation.

There is an odd edge case in OS X in which you can mount a network volume using a short user name, such as "johnny", but the remote host will place the long name in the filesystem URL that is returned, e. Previously, this difference would cause CCC to believe that the network volume was mounted with other credentials altogether, and CCC would refuse to use the network volume under the assumption that permissions issues would ensue.

This update addresses that issue, CCC will now immediately evaluate the filesystem URL of the network volume that is returned in reponse to its mount request and update its own internal reference to the user account as appropriate. Fixed an issue in which a scheduled task could load in a hung state if the task configuration file was corrupted. Some Drobo devices have a problem storing extended attributes larger than 1KB. Rather than reporting that the Drobo device is unable to accommodate the extended attribute, these devices report that the destination volume is full, even when there is adequate space available.

This update catches this edge case and reports it in a more meaningful way. CCC will now explicitly refuse to create a Recovery HD partition if it can positively identify the selected volume as a Drobo device. Drobo's proprietary data moving techniques do not play well with dynamic partition changes, and Drobo specifically does not support the modification of partitioning outside of the Drobo Dashboard. Fixed a Mavericks-specific display anomaly in the list of items to be copied. Addressed an issue in which the OS rarely, but occasionally, does not send an "application finished launching" notification to the scheduled task helper tool, causing task initialization to fail.

Addressed an issue in which the OS rarely, but occasionally, does not send a distributed notification that a task has finished, resulting in the task appearing to hang at the end despite the fact that it had actually finished. If you have employed the option to "Silently skip if the source or destination is missing", CCC will no longer proceed with that backup task if the missing volume reappears before the next scheduled run time.

Carbon Copy Cloner How to clone Lion Recovery HD

The task will instead run on its normal schedule. Google recently made a change to its Gmail SMTP service that introduced a problem with sending email notifications to multiple recipients. This update resolves that problem. Added support for sending notifications to Mountain Lion's Notification Center.

We understand that Growl offers functionality beyond Apple's Notification center, but the time required to maintain support for Growl and protecting CCC from problems specific to Growl has become too much of a burden to continue its support when there is a capable alternative offered by the operating system.

Scheduled tasks configured to run when the source or destination is reattached now have an optional reminder interval. If your source or destination volume hasn't been attached in a given length of time 7 days by default , CCC will run the task and prompt you to attach the volume. When selecting a folder as the source or destination, CCC now displays a "bread crumb"-style indicator of the path to the folder to make it more clear where exactly the source and destination folders are located. Task names are now sorted in a case insensitive manner in the Scheduled Tasks window.

Made some improvements to how CCC prevents sleep during a backup task.

Improved handling of mounting network volumes with guest privileges. CCC now offers a simple mechanism for updating the password for the credentials used to mount a network volume in a scheduled task e. Selecting this item will automatically select the Mountain Lion installer, if present, the Lion installer if present if the ML installer is not present , or give the user the opportunity to manually select a Mac OS X installer application. The user can also hold down the Option key while choosing this menu item to manually select a Mac OS X Installer application.

Fixed some issues handling file ownership when the source or destination filesystem is nfs, ppfs, osxfusefs, or fuse4x.

partition tab missing in Disk Utility - Apple Community

Made a few adjustments that should cause CCC to behave better while logged in as the root user. We don't recommend logging in as the root user, nor do we spend a lot of time testing this configuration, but it should work better now. Made some improvements to how a logout event is handled. During logout, the WindowServer is torn down. Depending on the timing of that and when a CCC scheduled task manages to exit, it's possible for the scheduled task to make requests to the now-absent WindowServer which can lead to an exception.

That exception can place CCC into an indeterminate state for a prolonged period of time.

Much more than documents.

Now if a backup task is running and you log out, CCC will abort the backup task and exit more quickly. If an exception occurs, a secondary termination mechanism will reliably terminate the scheduled task, allowing it to properly reload and reconnect to the new WindowServer process. This update accommodates these servers by pre-negotiating an SSL connection when using port Made some minor user interface adjustments to accommodate the behavior of encrypting Fusion volumes.

Fixed the errant presentation of a configuration concern when the destination volume's Recovery HD OS version is not a perfect match to the OS version on the source. It is appropriate, for example, for the source volume's OS to be Fixed a schedule calculation issue for monthly tasks in which some months could be skipped.

Little Snitch 4

Fixed an issue in which some folders in the list of items to be copied could not be opened. Addressed a couple issues where CCC would hang while trying to retrieve information from an unresponsive volume. Filenames that use more than bytes e. Fixed an issue in which applying the Mac OS X Fixed an issue in which CCC was unable to copy files to the destination if the root folder of the source was locked.

Made some minor UI adjustments in the Documentation window.

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Fixed an intermittent exception at the end of a scheduled task that would result in the "Task finished" window disappearing early and failure of email notifications. Fixed an exception that would cause a hang during the creation of a Recovery HD volume. This authentication was leveraged to collect information about the Recovery HD volumes attached to your Mac, but CCC was unable to give that indication prior to the authentication dialog being presented.

To avoid unnecessary concern, we chose to not collect that information when a user is logged in to a non-admin account. When LateNite Software's "Clusters" software makes changes to. These errors are now suppressed. If you have multiple backup volumes with different OSes e. Fixed an issue that appeared in This resulted in external volumes being unmountable when booted from the backup volume.

Performance of deleting scheduled tasks is much improved. CCC previously encountered some performance problems when saving very large numbers of scheduled tasks e. These problems should now be resolved.