Changing the keyboard language on a mac

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How to manage Keyboard settings on MacBook

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How to Change Language in Microsoft Word and Office

No spam! You have JavaScript turned off in your browser. This website needs JavaScript to be functional. Know Your Tech Personalize Stuff. Click on Keyboard. Go to Keyboard in System Preferences. From Keyboard switch to Shortcuts tab.

Click on Start menu and choose Control Panel. Click on Clock, Language and Region. Under Installed services , click Add button. That's it : Switching keyboard language To set this up, right-click on the taskbar the gray bar at the bottom on screen and from menu choose Toolbars , and then click Language Bar. Windows 7 Adding keyboard language 1.

Nothing is "deducing" that you have a Spanish-made keyboard. My advice for people who use multiple languages is to create separate templates for each language, or at least separate styles in their Normal template for different languages. Word has only one Normal template and each style in that template has a language attribute. If the language attached to your styles is Spanish, then that language will always resurface.

But if you only need to use mainly one language, here's a basic outline of how to set it up in OS X and Word you may have already completed these steps, I'm including them for other readers :. With the settings above, you should be set to type in U. English all day long.

How Add Keyboard Input Languages and Switch Between Languages In Mac OS X El Capitan

If you need to switch among languages, setup gets a little more complicated, but this should avoid your switches back to Spanish. Let me know how it works for you. The solution in my case was to create a english language layout for my keyboard using ukelele and install it. Works great, but I really think it would be really unnecessary if word and the other apps too worked as it should be. The problem related to the keyboard is even worse in for example one note, where the language changes on each paragraph. God damn it I live in Finland, but I don't speak Finnish or Swedish , why do you keep showing me info in Finnish?

This is pretty similar issue, the app is inferring info that I should be able to be configured. I already did that and besides you are mixing language of the OS and language of keyboard. Two different concepts for the OS. You can read. That could be different from the language the user use to write the input in the OS. There you can define the input and that configuration is the one that changes the flags in the right side of the OSX menu bar.

Taking spanish iso layout and changing on it the language from Spanish to English. I put the flag upside down because I'm in distress.


If I open office word in a blank document the preferred language is English US because of the keyboard. If I change it, it changes Note: don't even need to go to system preferences to do that, you can do it using that icon on the menu bar. You can even do that using a keyboard combination.

If I trie to change directly the normal. And the problem is just between english us and spanish I i define english can it sticks as default language perfectly or english uk. For that reason I think that office has a glitch that arises when you are using a language A in the OS but with a keyboard language B and you want to use word or other app with that language A Overriding even the normal.

It makes no difference.

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Besides, why would I do such change? I have the problem just with office, no with the rest of the system. I write email in spanish in my daily basics. I don't want to change that configuration each time I write an email. The problem is pretty clear word and how it manage language. The rest of the system is working pretty great I have no problem with iWork, or any other apps. The problem is pretty clear office, and office alone. I just have to trick it using a specific system configuration in my keyboard Usually no one has a keyboard with the layout in Spanish and with the language in English US.

All of this is that keyboard and language nonsense that windows has. You have to go to system preferences and change the language of the keyboard. I have exactly the same issue as Luiss. This is very annoying and I wish someone would help us solve the problem. In other words, if my document template is English and I'm typing in English, I don't want Word to start suddenly assuming I'm typing in German or Finnish, although I use German or Finnish keyboard as my input.

Why would anyone want that?!

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