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Hi Art, To my best knowledge, this cannot be done automatically. How can Excel know what cells you wish the copied checkboxed to be linked to? Of course, nothing prevents you from changing the linked cell for each individual checkbox after copying. Dear Svetlana, if we have so many checkboxes it is very time-consuming to do it step by step You are saying that there is no way to multiple format cells like said above - in the same row -if B1 is linked to C1, then automatically link B2 to C2, B3 to C? Thanks in advance, Ivana. Dear Ivana, I totally agree with you - it's very inconvenient and time-consuming to edit each individual checkbox.

Unfortunately, I don't know a way to do this automatically. Even if you change an absolute cell reference to relative, the copied checkboxes are still linked to the same cell. If you manage to find a way, please do share your finding here! E-mail not published. Check Box Form control vs. Check Box ActiveX control How to add checkbox in Excel How to quickly insert multiple checkboxes copy checkbox Change the checkbox name and caption name Select one or multiple checkboxes Delete one, some or all checkboxes on the sheet Change checkbox formatting and fix the position in the sheet Check Box Form control vs.

If you decide to go with Check Box ActiveX controls, here's a list of the most essential differences for you to consider: ActiveX controls provide more formatting options, you may want to use them when you look for a sophisticated and flexible design. Whereas Form controls are built into Excel, ActiveX controls are loaded separately and therefore they may occasionally freeze or "misbehave".

Many computers don't trust ActiveX by default, as the result your Check Box ActiveX controls may be disabled until you have enabled them manually via the Trust Center. Click in the cell where you want to insert the checkbox, and it will immediately appear near that cell. To properly position the check box, hover your mouse over it and as soon as the cursor changes to a four-pointed arrow, drag the checkbox to the desired position.

Optionally, delete or change the caption text. If you don't have the Developer tab on your Excel ribbon, right click anywhere on the ribbon, then click Customize the Ribbon … The Excel Options dialog window will appear, and you check the Developer box in the right hand column.

Notes: The caption names of all the copied checkboxes are the same, but the backend names are different since each Excel object has a unique name. If the original checkbox is linked to a cell , all of the copied checkboxes will be linked to the same cell. You will have to change the linked cell for each checkbox individually. Changing the caption name does not change the actual name of the checkbox.

The names displayed on the Selection pane are the checkboxes names , not caption names. Please be careful when using the last method because it will delete all the objects in the active sheet, including checkboxes, buttons, shapes, charts, etc. May 3, at pm. Slamat Ali says:. May 15, at am.

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Kyriakos Simou says:. January 28, at am. More people had asked the same thing and if you know it would be good to answer. We add a checkbox and link it to cell C1. Gary Bannan says:. March 28, at am. NTarasenko says:.

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