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Sounds great :D xx. I tend to shy away from these oils as they leave my face greasy but I think I might give this ago after this fab review! Thanks for the review :.

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I can't use anything with mineral oil. Thanks for the comparison. I read and reply to every comment, and love hearing from you all! Tuesday, 9 April The formula helps re-balance the skins natural oils while helping skin to look healthy.

Makeup Remover Dupes! | Beautylish

I use about 2 pumps of this, in my hand and rub it all over my face. I work it into my skin until I feel it's clean and then I just rinse of any excess with some water.

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For eye makeup I just use a pump or two of this on a cotton pad and place it over my eyes. Plus if it gets in your eye it doesn't hurt because it made to be used on babies! Try the neutrogena eye makeup remover. Its the only one i've found that completely removes waterproof mascara. Cheap and effective I wear contacts and I am confident about using it! Try the Almay one! It works well, is hypo-allergenic, and they don't test on animals like L'Oreal does!

It removes the make up well, leaves the skin feeling so soft, and not harmful to your eye if you get some in it! Go get the camomile gentle eyemakeup remover from the body shop its a huge bottle for a cheap price and it works wonders!

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My English is not very well, because I'm Dutch, so I'm sorry for that ;. Anyway, I totally agree with you. I tried that one too and it totally sucks.

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You have to try that other one from L'oreal with oil, because that one really works! For me anyway, everything even the blackest black ;P goes away. I really recommend that one! Mine is Boots Botanics eye make up remover. I'm pretty sure you can only get it in the UK, but it's an oily one, and you shake it up and it works a treat. It has Icelandic moss in it, and I'm attracted to exotic ingredients I know, lotion for your eyes sounds scary, but it actually works really well for me!

I use two little squirts washing my eyes between each one to successfully rub off my impossible-to-get-off CoverGirl LashBlast waterproof mascara, MAC fluidline, and any other eye makeup I'm wearing. Give it a try! Lancome's Bi-Facil is my favourite too but I found a close second. It is also L'Oreal but it is called gentle waterproof eye makeup remover. It is in more of a clear, square bottle and is similar to Bi-Facil because it has the two layers of liquid, a blue one on top and clear one on the bottom.

The only problem I have with it is that when you shake it, the liquids don't stay mixed together for very long so you need to pour it very fast after shaking it otherwise you end up getting one of the liquids over the other. For the price, it is a good alternative though. Olive oil I had problem with washing off my MAC liquid eyeliner and olive oil takes care of it. Cheap and its good for your undereye skin. This probably won't happen, but it would make my life if you could possibly respond to this or give me a shout out.

Second of all, for 5 years, i've been using the Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover comes in a blue cylindrical bottle and i think it works great. Blair, You would want one most similar to the Lamcome one, which I believe has a sort of oil-looking part and then a liquidy part. I highly recommend it, especially since it's the same consistency as the Lancome eye makeup remover.

If it gets in your eyes it never stings and even removes Waterproof makeup.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil: Review, Swatch, Demo and Dupe

This is honestly is the best drugstore makeup remover and is definitely department store worthy! Seriously blair give it a try!!!! It leaves your lids feeling soft but leaves a bit of a oily film but it comes out rinsing it with water! It also takes off my CoverGirl Lashblast Waterproof within sweeps and its known for being a pain to take off!

S it comes in a blue bottle too! Hey Blair! I'm a big big BIG fan of your videos and your blog!

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  4. And i was curious on where you got that background for your blog? I often use olive oil to remove my eye make up.

    The Best Eye Makeup Removers

    I wash my face first, then use it on a cotton ball. But I recently switched to a Clinique make up remover. It's the lotion one, for sensitive eyes.

    I have very dry sensitive eyes and it is uh-mazing! I love the up and up makeup wipes from target.. It works amazingggg and it's only like 5 dollars :. I love the Make Up Forever eye makeup remover. Although it is not a drug store eye makeup remover it is well worth the money.

    I also use the CoverFX makeup remover which is also amazing and worth the money too. I have used tr nuetregena purple makeup removing wipes in the past and it works great but now i use the target "up" brand of them and it works just as good for a cheaper price!

    Thanks :. I think what matters most than the brand is really the type of makeup remover you use, i mean if it is lotion or soap or liquid. IMO there is absolutely no doubt that creamy milky makeup remover lotions, simply applied with cotton, work much better than those "double action", "dual-phase" blue liquid solutions that are ironically made especially for the eyes.

    Try it once, i swear it's true! I use Mac's oil off makeup remover since I haven't found one in the drugstore that works as well. It gets off all of my makeup, including the eye area with no stinging. Also, if you have oily skin it's best to use oil products as weird as that sounds. Heyyy Blair! I wanted to say I use Almay makeup remover pads and then neutrogena oil free make up remover the neutrogena one is for a cotton swab and that is a liquid that takes care of mascara and eye liner : the other one is for eye shadow this is what works best for me!

    I hope it helps you and your search for make up remover:. It works for me everytime, and it removes waterproof!!!! I like these types of posts I have very sensitive skin and this doesn't break me out. The second one is better for cleaning your face with, not amazing but still good for eye make-up. And the first specializes in cleansing eye makeup off. I have never had a problem with either and find that by using both or alternating, I can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Especially on days of dance recitals and things.

    The walmart brad is the best I've used. I have really sensitive eyes and it doesn't bother me at all! Extra virgin olive oil. Cheap and works extremely well, without all those harsh chemicals and fragrances that can do damage to your eye area. It makes my eyelashes SO soft! Check out our blog : www. It didn't take my make-up off, even though I may have used ten cotton balls! I like it very much. It makes your make-up disintegrate quickly. Pretty much disappear. I love Lumene's remover for waterproof make-up!

    It's great and doesn't irritate the sensitive eye area. You should give it a try! I do cheerleading so i need to get it off after comps for school so i really need to find a good make up remover :. I've tried them all! But only one has ever totally worked!