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But, try them both to form the best conclusion. RadioBOSS is among the best radio automation software we reviewed. You get uses of the fully-functional version. After five hours of continuous use, the program will shut down. But, you can re-load it and pick up where you left off. Help is available even if you're not connected to the internet. It means…. The event scheduler can perform multiple actions at the same time.

The File Explorer which is part of the control panel allows you to browse and add files to the playlist window. Okay, most radio automation programs have this feature. In the example below, we created three categories; Top 40 songs, Jingles and 70s Songs.

You can also see that we defined our playlist length as 8 hours. You open a new work zone as a web browser. This feature is quite handy.

You can view your social media accounts while working in RadioBOSS, search for something on Google or play audio from a website. While this is limiting…. You can add more than one aux player, and each aux player supports a mini-playlist. This is also a standout feature!

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RadioBOSS is offered in three editions. Live will wow you with its intuitive interface and its array of free features. PlayIt Software is a radio software company launched in If you are looking for a free radio broadcasting software , PlayIt Live is one of the best alternatives to try.

PlayIt Live excels with a clean, understandable and easy to use interface. You can drag-and-drop music files directly from the File Explorer into the Playout Log. You will also see all the tracks in your database on your left. You can allocate different colors to each cart or edit how your audio items will play. You can also add multiple quick cart pages. The Track Manager not only allows you to add files, but it automatically analyzes silence in tracks to set appropriate cue in and out points.

To use this feature, you must have saved your audio items in groups.

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For example:. Here, you can see some of the groups we defined when importing music. After creating the playout pattern, we set the repetition rules in the Playout Policies window. The segue editor has been deemed fantastic by other users, and in actuality, it was a breeze to use. You can access it by pressing the pencil icon next to each track in the Playout Log. This opens the editor, which allows you to move the tracks' waveform and edit the fade points for a precise cross-fade.

There are two ways to schedule in PlayIt Live. You can use the Playout Log which is similar to adding items in a playlist.

Some of the items you can add in the Playout Log include break notes a duration of silence with notes , fixed time marker which helps keep time , tracks, track groups to pick random songs from groups and play them as per the playout policies , aux input , and remote URLs. You get a built-in encoder which supports multiple streams. But, it can only stream in the Mp3 codec. The program targets people looking for a cost-effective solution —without the ongoing costs of a professional playout system.

This because:. First, by adding music tracks one by one. Second, through the mass importer, which allows you to import music from folders and sub-folders.

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During the importation, the program automatically analyzes for silence at the start and end of a track. This allows it to set the intro and outro point. Another standout feature is the built-in CD ripper that enables you to import tracks from CDs into your database. If the CD ripper doesn't find the track information, it can retrieve the metadata from the internet.

You get 4 audio players and a fifth player for playing a stream from the internet. You can use to stream a syndicated show like a news broadcast. What's more:. You can set each player to use a different sound card. And skipping from one point of a song to another is quite easy. You click on the position you wish to skip to using your mouse. Yes…but in this case, you create AutoDJ profiles. For instance:. You can also add commands in rotations such as telling the program to load a stream from the internet at a specified time. Voice-tracking is one of the simplest things to do in PlayoutONE. This is how you do it….

Once you create a playlist, you select the track that will precede the voice track and click on the microphone icon. Automatically, it will begin to play the last 10 seconds of the track. You can press the record icon to start talking immediately or wait until the song stops playing.

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After recording, you will see three waves forms; one belonging to the preceding track, your recording and the next track's waveform. Well, 25 sounds like a small number when comparing it the 30 instant players in RadioDJ or up to 96 slots in StationPlaylist Studio. Since the Quick Keys opens in a separate window, you might have a hard time finding room for it on your screen.

It should not be a problem if you have two monitors. Also the program supports multiple windows like SAM Broadcaster. While figuring out how everything works, we turned to the manual, which frankly needs updating after the release of PlayoutONE Version 3 that has new features such as the Media Finder. On the other hand:. Watch to get started in the shortest possible time. For instance, the audio output will be of very low quality, voice-tracking will be limited to 10 seconds, and the database server connection will stop working after 10 minutes. On the surface, mAirList looks like a program you can use without reading a darn manual!

Consider reading the tutorials at the mAirList Wiki.

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There are two ways to create playlists in mAirList. You can manually insert files into the playlist window, or automate the process using the mAirListDB database. You click Insert from the top toolbar and select Files. Alternatively, you can drag and drop songs to the playlist from the File Explorer.

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To add folder trees, click Add from the main toolbar and choose the folder that contains your music. You click on a song and select the microphone icon from the main toolbar to open the Voice Track Recorder. Now, here is the best part:. When you click the record icon, the tool plays the last ten seconds of the preceding track. After you have finished recording, you can edit your voice track in the Mix Editor.