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Several months later, in February โ€” it appeared as a version for Mac OS. It looks like game developers decided to stop experiments with gameplay and focus their attention on Sims personalities, emotions, creativity of characters. You can express yourself with the completely new clothes and furniture. Think about the way your character appears. Go to the body of your avatar.

Now you can choose the way your Sim walks. Smooth movements or heavy โ€” make your avatar realistic.

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As for the age, you can choose anyone except for toddler which was recently cut off. To make the picture complete, you can reward your Sim with the goal in life. No more pointless life in Sims. Now when you gave your character life aspiration, smooth, confident walk, and silky voice, you may want to make it even more human. Underline its unique style with new clothes. While everyone still waits for new cosmetic sets, promised by developers for Sims 5, use current tools.

Besides, there are so much clothes waiting for you, so stop wasting your time. Categorize your outfit into:. Casual or everyday clothes. Pyjamas, and other sleepwear. Tuxedos and cocktail dresses for evening. So your Sim will be dashing on every occasion. Even at home. Some clothes can be modified according to your own style. Just check the Gallery section in Sims Resource. There are dozens of great options. At least your avatar can have everything you ever wanted but could not afford. Sims 4 has some qualified changes in both live and build modes.

Here are some of them. Now your character has more human emotions, desires, and needs.

Everything can influence the current mood of your character, just like in real life. Forget about robotic behaviour, now your character can eat, go to the dance floor, play mobile games โ€” all at the same time. If your reality can look like that, why to limit your Sim? Some of the building lots were reduced in Sims 4. In the new edition, you receive a huge variety of instruments for the building. Regulate the height of your roof and walls.

Create something extraordinary and postmodern. While window placing is automatically done, there are some bugs. Sims Universe became more detailed, with its lovable aesthetics of eternal holiday around. And yet, animation became more professional and advanced, as well as sound effects.

You may feel the difference if you recently played previous versions. There are 2 new worlds in the game. Each of them has 6 neighborhoods.

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However, you may feel that the map became smaller. Possibly it is because of walking, car riding and bicycling are thrown away in this edition. Developers promise to make a bigger map in Sims 5. For now, you have to stare in your in-game phone while traveling to another destination. Sims 4 has its own unique modifications like it was in every previous game. Still, pay attention to some bugs that may appear in the game. Since this is not official stuff from developers, you need to decide whether you want to use it or not.

The Pregnancy Mod.

How do you like it? While pregnancy is an important part of Sims life, starting from the 2nd edition, in official versions of the game only women can carry babies. Well, not for long. With this mode, men can experience the miracle of being pregnant too. Great news for same-sex couples! Now they can either adopt babies or carry them, no matter if the child will have two mothers or two fathers. You can still change the gender of your baby and terminate the pregnancy.

Sexuality Mod. August It seems to work better that way. Make sure your game is patched up to date, including Store patches. If the updates through your launcher don't work then you can use the manual superpatch file. If you have been trying to download from the item's Store page, try from your Purchase History instead, and vice versa. Try different permutations to see whether you can find one that works.

Be patient - it can take longer than expected for items to download and appear in the launcher, especially the first one you try and large files such as worlds or venues. If you are having problems, just try with one item at a time. Finally, the launcher uses a huge amount of free memory. Purging RAM manually after opening the launcher and then from time-to-time while installing content may help you.

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Manual superpatch Many simmers find that patching their game via the Game Updates tab of the Launcher does not work properly. It is then better to download and apply the manual superpatch. It is important to download the Mac version rather than the PC version, and to pick the right one for your region. Be aware that if you are using a disc you need to choose the correct 'regional' file but if you are using digital download through Origin then you should use the file designated 'region 7'.

Instructions and the links to the downloads can be found in the Mac section of the forums at thesims3. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ!