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The biggest shame is that there has never been a full-length, all-new album released posthumously by Mac Dre. The Game Is Thick Vol. Both of them were unable to live long enough to demonstrate their full potential. Until then Ima bump all the classics faithfully. Yukmouth 4 Myself ft. Syko Rap Life ft.

Sleep Dank Thizzelle Dance ft. Luni Coleone Dollalalalala Lotsa Paypa ft. Rest in Peace Mac Dre, we love Furl! Tagged: mac dre thizz hyphy keak yukmouth bay area vallejo rap rapper west coast hip-hop underground.

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It was just starting for him. To sum him up, he was a trendsetter, a Bay Area entrepreneur, gangsta pimpin, game spitter, a true leader.

I had the chance to grow up with him, in the early days of our careers. Since we was both from Vallejo, just two different sides of the town. It was like a competition. When you have competition, it brings success. He was doing his thing. We did our thing together. We bridged the gap. We had a chance to do a couple of songs together. We also had the chance to do a couple of shows on the road together.

We had a chance to grow together, and merge, and everything was all good.

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He was on the up rise again, it was good to see that. He was a trendsetter for the Bay believe that. Plus he was a cool ass cat besides the image he had, he just wanted to make people laugh.

He was my friend as well as a rap comrade of mine. Whoever pulled that trigger, I hope they realize what they did to the game. We just lost a boss. We built a real good friend- ship. I gave all the pimp game. I love that dude, he's like family to me. The driver, Dre's longtime friend Dubee, crawled back up the ravine and went to a convenience store for help.

When ambulances arrived, Andre Hicks was pronounced dead from gunshot wounds. One year after that night in Kansas City, large crowds gathered at Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland and in Vallejo's Crestside neighborhood to commemorate the life of Mac Dre, but his mother didn't want to be in town. Instead, she spent the day driving down the California coast on Highway 1. Just getting it all under control--the copyrights, finding out where it's being distributed and who's paying and who's not.

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A lot of those people are still calling me," she says, "trying to figure out how to go forward. Look Mac Dre up on eBay and you'll find airbrushed sneakers, original canvas paintings and other one-of-a-kind art pieces.

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Despite overwhelming demand, delays have plagued its release for over a year, first from other rappers who appear in the footage and want to get paid. Now the delay is coming from the final editing room, and Salvatto is taking a more active interest in how her son is presented in the video. That was never Andre--even as a child--for me to be able to do that. Asked what has kept her strong in the past year, Salvatto sounds resigned.


After Dre's death, she says, "I was so hurt that I couldn't deal with it and I didn't want to deal with it, and I was very, very sensitive. It was really hard. So I focused on work to get through. But it didn't take the pain away. There are a lot of parents whose children have died, and their murders or deaths are unsolved," she says, knowing that she's not alone.

At least I got to bring Andre home and bury him, and I know where he is now, and I know where to go visit him. I just don't think that person will ever be at peace. It's been over a year and Mac Dre's impact is still felt, his death still mourned. His lessons of taking pride in your own self-confidence and living happily by your own rules still resonate from the ghettos to the suburbs.

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Meanwhile, there are hundreds of hopeful rappers from every city in the Bay Area aspiring for a piece of the pie that Mac Dre virtually wrote the recipe for. But Mac Dre's career is a sealed legacy. It is his and his alone. It's like the girl in the alley says--you just don't touch Mac Dre. But Where Do I Start? Listen for Dre's before-its-time "izza" wordplay and Khayree's inimitable electro-funk production--it still doesn't sound dated. Naturally, the sound quality is terrible, but the title track's honest depiction of cell life--plus the fact that you'll play it repeatedly for friends--makes this one worth it.

The songs, however, soon straightened them out. Filled with messages of self-determination and personal freedom, this is perhaps Dre's most direct statement of purpose, from "The Mac Named Dre" to "Boss Tycoon" and "Thizzelle Dance. Great footage includes the Sebastopol Community Center, an insane motorcyclist and the "Poppin' the P's" freestyle, which all bear repeated viewings.

When is Treal TV 2 coming out, you ask? Cross your fingers for mid Open' Dre's tennis-themed collaborative release with Mac Mall and the final project he would complete. Sometimes prone to falling out with each other, here Dre and Mall sound in perfect camaraderie, and heavyweight E makes an appearance on the album's old-school closer, "Dredio," rounding out a great Vallejo triumvirate for one last jam.

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