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Types of Mac Computers. As for the desktop Macs, there are actually two different products: the Mac and the iMac. And how do they differ? Essentially, the standard Mac is just a case packed with all the necessary components and it needs to be connected to an external display, as opposed to an iMac, where the display is the part of the device itself.


They are divided into the regular iMac and the iMac Pro. These then come in a range of flavors when it comes to both the display and the internal components. On the other hand, there are only two versions of the Mac computers, the Mac mini and the Mac Pro. The Hardware Now that we have mentioned all types of Macs currently available, let us take a quick look at their hardware specifications. Intel Core i7 — 2. Intel Core i7 — 4. As you can see, for the most part, the majority of Macs look like they should be able to handle gaming. The problem arises when you consider that the more affordable Macs actually rely entirely on integrated Intel graphics, while it is only the higher-end models that come with dedicated graphics cards.

As a matter of fact, you can find much more powerful gaming PCs at those prices, be they pre-built or custom-built. This is solely because Macs strive to accomplish a specific goal: fitting as much computing powerful in as small a package as possible.

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This leaves little room for massive gaming graphics cards and, after all, high-end Macs are intended to be used as workstations, not for gaming. It makes our list of the best games on Bluestacks because of its incredible full-3D graphics and frequent updates. Plus, PvP aspects have been downplayed significantly, which will be a welcome change for looking for a single-player experience.

It has fairly standard action RPG gameplay, but what really makes this one stand out are its visuals. Be aware, however, that there are gratuitous levels of fan service. Not only can you take advantage of using a mouse and keyboard or Bluetooth controller , the game will likely run much more smoothly on your PC than your phone. You play as the captain of a ship that has slipped into a temporal anomaly, pulling characters from other timelines into your own.

Fortunately, the game runs great on Bluestacks, so you can tear through zombies as your favorite characters without having to worry about crashes or running out of battery. Apps The Best. Nick Fernandez. Bluestacks Download. Download Azur Lane on Bluestacks.

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Download Brown Dust on Bluestacks. Download Epic Seven on Bluestacks. Download Goddess: Primal Chaos on Bluestacks. While processing power is fairly straightforward — the more the better with Macs you also have to note the Turbo Boost each model can provide — video cards have always been somewhat tricky. Video cards can be discrete or integrate. The former are faster but independent from the processor.

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The latter are part of the system and able to use available processing power. So any computers featuring these are more or less suitable for gaming. Just remember to opt in for the highest CPU you can afford.

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Generally, this means selecting from such models as:. Laptops of 13 inches and smaller are significantly less powerful and thus not recommended for serious gaming on Mac.

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And if you choose to employ your inch MacBook Pro, keep in mind that games for Mac are the greediest when it comes to energy consumption. You can try all sorts of manual hacks to increase your battery life, from dimming your screen to quitting apps to turning off WiFi.

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Sure, you can perform a few tweaks manually, but nothing will compare to using specialized software to get your Mac to its top shape! Best of all, apps mentioned here are all available for a free trial through Setapp , a platform of over best-in-class Mac utilities and tools designed to elevate your everyday experience. How To Optimize Mac For Gaming When you start thinking about what you need to do to optimize your Mac so you can get maximum performance out of it, first of all, think about getting more space, freeing up memory, clearing up clutter, turning off unneeded features, and lowering your graphics card requirements.

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  4. Optimize your Mac So what do you do when you spot your Mac performing worse than it should? Choose the best Mac for gaming If you had the most powerful computer available, no game would be a problem. So how do you not make a mistake?

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    What is the best Mac for gaming? Generally, this means selecting from such models as: inch MacBook Pro inch iMac 5K or regular Get Setapp. More reads you might like.