How to change audio device on mac

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  • How to check your sound settings?
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  • How to check your sound settings.
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How to delete an audio device on Mac (Greatdy)

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I made my app can select audio-output. BUT it makes very anonying few milliseconds swiching delay.

Quickly Switch Between Audio Outputs on macOS and Windows [Quick Tip]

I guess it is because I switch my app's output after it's already changed to system default. Like viewWillAppear api from cocoa Thank you. You need to explain what APIs you're using. How are you setting things up? How are you switching the device?

What exactly is happening and how you will need to change things depends on what you're currently doing. The user specifies which audio device to track. The audio unit can do input from the device as well as output to the device. Re: Unable to switch to another audio output in Cubase Pro 9. The OS and all other apps change to headphones, only Cubase does not.

I compared to my old Macbook Pro running Cubase 7. So there is always only one output.

How to get better sound from your Mac

All fine! In Cubase both outputs are named the same: "built-in audio". Switching between them does not change anything. I am grateful for any fix or workaround.

Can't change the audio output on Mac OSx

Nic Cubase Pro Cubase Pro Cubase Elements 9. Cubasis 2. So far no response. I think this is a general problem with the new Macbooks, so hopefully enough people will complain for a fix to be released soon..

Quickly Switch Audio Output or Input on macOS