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Share Mac WiFi with iPhone or Android over USB or Bluetooth

Here's how to share your cellular data or a wired ethernet connection—and make your own Wi-Fi hotspot from any device. Good news: All let you easily share your internet connection. All you need is a way to get online. Depending on your carrier and region, you may need to purchase an additional mobile hotspot plan to enable data sharing.

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Otherwise, as long as there's signal, you're ready to go. On a Mac or PC, if you have a wired internet connection, you can share it with others over Wi-Fi using the same steps. Or, if you have a cellular internet dongle—typically a small USB device with a SIM card slot to add cellular capabilities to computers—you can share that connection over Wi-Fi, too. Need to share a 4G connection over Wi-Fi often? A better option might be to buy a pocket Wi-Fi also known as a mobile hotspot device.

They're small devices with their own cellular connection designed to share Wi-Fi with several devices at once.

Share internet from iPhone 5, 6, 6s, 7, 7 Plus to PC with USB Cable

They're especially helpful to stay connected while traveling without draining your phone or laptop battery. Check Wirecutter's mobile Wi-Fi hotspot reviews for best options for the US market, or check with your local carrier for options in other markets. Have an iPhone or an iPad with a cellular connection?

How to Turn On Your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot

The built-in Personal Hotspot feature makes it easy to share your connection. To enable it, open Settings , select the Personal Hotspot option near the top, then tap the slider to turn it on. Once you've enabled personal hotspot, you can quickly turn it on from Control Center in iOS Open Control Center, 3D touch press hard on the network options, then tap the Personal Hotspot button to turn it on.

Sharing via USB is perhaps the easiest. Turn on the Personal Hotspot feature, then connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with its USB cable and the computer should automatically connect to the internet. It's really that easy.

What You Need to Know About Tethering

Best of all, your phone will charge from your computer so you won't have to worry about it draining your computer battery as long as it's plugged in. Your Android phone or tablet comes with a similar feature: Mobile Hotspot.

The exact options or steps to get it set up vary depending on your device, but it works the same way, letting you share your cellular connection over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. To tweak how it works, select the Set up Wi-Fi hotspot options underneath.

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The settings might vary depending on your device. On a Samsung Galaxy S8, for instance, select Connections , then tap Mobile hotspot and tethering and on an older Samsung device, pictured above, the settings were under Tethering and Mobile hotspot. There, you'll see sliders to enable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB internet sharing to turn on exactly the way you want to share your connection.

If you can't find the setting on your device, check your manual or ask your carrier—you might not see the options if you don't have a plan that supports mobile hotspot. Windows 10 comes with a Mobile Hotspot feature—much like Android—that lets you share the cellular connection from your Surface or other Windows tablet or a wired internet connection from a PC.

macOS Sierra: Share the Internet connection on your Mac

There, choose which network to share, and click Edit to set the Wi-Fi network name and password. There are three ways to connect to your iPhone and use its data connection: Without a strong password, anyone within range could potentially connect to your phone.

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Just select your iPhone from the list of Wi-Fi networks. Connecting via USB is by far the easiest method to tether your phone. Of all the methods, USB is the fastest but most inconvenient, requiring your iPhone to be physically connected to the computer.

macOS Sierra: Share the Internet connection on your Mac

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