Microsoft database daemon error outlook 2011 mac

Some of them are as follows: When we talk about the Microsoft software on Apple products , inevitably, there are glitches and problems. The same is the case with Mac Office. The common issue that users encounter while using Outlook for Mac is a crash or freeze.

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Therefore, if you have confronted a similar situation, then the solutions mentioned above are sure-shot practices for you. Depending on your requirement, you can select any of the above and fix the crash. By Jane Parker. Jane Parker. Follow Tech Sign In Page. Forgot Password? Don't have an account? Sign up. Friday March 31, Favorites Tech Sign In Page. Bookmark Tech Sign In Page. Indeed these glitches are challenging, yet they can be resolved. How to Deal with Crashes in Outlook Prior to discussing the numerous methods, let us first look into the basic things.

System Crash or Freeze Solution: Create an identical Outlook account and delete the current one. Steps to create a new Outlook account are as follows: Click on Other Email , in case you want to add the personal email account such Outlook Web, etc. Crash or error message— Office Active Subscription. Steps to Delete the Outlook Preferences Files are as follows: Error message— Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close Solution: There are two solutions to overcome this scenario.

How to Fix Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Crashing in Mac OS X (10.10) Yosemite

Download the latest updates for Mac Office or Outlook 2. Unable to sync with Outlook. CPU crash or hog Solution: Delete Office File cache Steps are as follows: If you are also under such a dilemma then, here is a solution for you— Third-party Repair Tool Alternative Solution—Third Party Repair Software In the current scenario of technology evolution, indeed there is no issue that cannot be resolved.

Which Third-Party Repair Solution?

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Free Guide: Fix Crashes or Rebuild Database Identity in Outlook 2016 Mac

Open in the app. Now launch Entourage to check if the problem persists. If Entourage starts, that means your Microsoft User Folder is damaged. In such a case you may skip the next step and proceed with the recommended solution discussed at the last. Before starting this you must quit all applications and determine if you have enough free space on your hard drive to perform database maintenance.

You ideally need three times the size of your identity database. Then, follow these steps:. If the problem still exists, the only option left is to repair Entourage database using third-party software. This competent software repairs damaged Entourage database files and restore all inaccessible mailbox items including emails, attachments, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes.

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It comes with an easy to use interface and a lot of other helpful features that can assist you in dealing with almost all Entourage problems. For errors as troublesome as the Daemon Fatal Error, we suggest that you stick with professional tools like Stellar Entourage Repair to perform the safest and most efficient database repair and recovery.

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View More. I am needing to perform Step 4 and I am a little hesitant. Will this save all my addresses and past emails? The daemon will need to quit, and Entourage may need to be force quit. I have tried many ways to fix this error like Restart Entourage database daemon, Rebuild database and deleted entourage preferences. But none of them fix this error. I have wasted lots of time to try these methods.

Free Guide: Fix Crashes or Rebuild Database Identity in Outlook Mac

Through this, you can fix Database Daemon fatal error and regain access to lost Entourage database. Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted. Stellar Phoenix is now Stellar. MENU Close.