My mac froze and the screen is black

I simply tapped on the bottom of my MacBook a few times in the position of the cable and suddenly, there was life! Used the PRAM solution and it worked! Any help would be appreciated.

Tips & Tricks On How To Fix Apple iMac Macbook Air Pro Grey Display White Screen Sudden Death 2017

So grateful for this post. I was panicking. The 1st solution worked for me. Pressing shift, control, option, and power button at same time for a few seconds.

How to Fix It When MacBook Screen Goes Black

Then, turning comp back on. Everything is back to normal. I got the dreaded black screen on my MacBook Pro purchased None of 3 solutions worked for me after several attempts and reading suggestions provided. I contacted Apple Support who for the most part had me do the same things but none worked. The Support Tech was kind enough to help me schedule an appointment at my local Apple Store and got me in the same day.

Again no luck at the store but my screen was beginning to get more white screen when rebooted to the point of a scrambled like screen this was about 6 hours after getting nothing but black. Prior I would get a white screen for a second at reboot and the it went black where it stayed. Being an older laptop I have been already having problems with it. My main concern was my photos and videos which he was able to show me that they were still there by connecting to another Mac laptop.

His suggestion was transferring my files to another Mac device which I do not have and would need to purchase. It seems to be working fine but believe me the first thing I did was run backup! Just be aware you do want an appointment if you go to store…they are known to be booked up to 2 weeks at my location. Sometimes it works and I use my MacBook with no immediate problems and then it just goes back to black screen again. This is so frustrating. I should have kept my old non-apple laptop.

MacBook Froze - Now black screen , help ?

I called Apple Support. They got me loading OSX Yosemite or something.

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The loading bar says it would take 1 hr and 40 mins but suddenly I heard a chime. Guess what? Black screen again with my MacBook running. The Apple Support person closed for the day while I was still loading the software. I need my MacBook. Can anyone help please? In a past PRAM work but not this time, none of the suggestions worked. I thought all is lost as I recall my daugter dropping my MBP last week.

I unscrewed the back and diconnected battery from 30 seconds and once I reconnected and powered it on, I saw the screen light up and all was saved!!! Hope this can help someone, who tried all suggestions above and below. Believe it or not, dropping it from an inch above the desk solved it for me. None of the resets did. Not sure if the problem first arose because my laptop bag with the computer took a spill. Two wrongs might make a right. Its my work Laptop and we use macs because things like that are unheard from unless you experience it.

I tried turning it on again and waiting for the invisible dialogue box like option 2 said, and tried turning my volume up to see if I could get any noise. The black screen disappeared and the normal boot-up screen returned. I have NO idea why this worked and I have no idea if it can be replicated, but it worked for me! I was in panic mode for greater than a day because my MacBookPro screen was black upon rebooting the computer.

Thanks so much for the great suggestion above about turning off and again rebooting…fixed the problem. I can not thank you enough. Tried these reset methods number of times… There was some improvement, like the Apple logo at the back switching on. But the screen was still black. But the mac screen was still black. Then I read on some forum, that a problem sometimes is graphic card.

3. Perform the special power cycle

So I opened my mac, and graphic card was so dirt, from the heat dust was like a chewing cum. I cleaned slowely, now its working as a new :. You should take it to a Genius Bar or certified Apple support center to get it looked at. Hopefully no water was spilled on the MacBook, that damages a computer.

The case of the iMac screen that mysteriously blacks out | Macworld

Best of luck, update back when you have a resolution! Thank you for your suggestion! No water damage. All the best!

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Tried all of it for few hours and non worked : Still showed a grey screen. Only difference is when I tried connecting the macbook pro with an extended display, the apple logo and progressing bar showed up. Anyone might know whats the problem or have any solutions? Turned on my Mac, black screen of confusion ensued. Found this website, tried all three to no avail. The first step worked. I guess I should have started with it plugged in like the directions said.

Thanks for the help!! Pls help!!! I need it for work!!! Help me pls!!!

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Update: got the second boot chime through the PRAM reset, but it still has the illuminated black screen. I tried the PRAM reset and the second boot chime never happens. The screen is completely black but it still is illuminated and the brightness keys work for it. This happened after waking from sleep mode to a frozen screen, which just went dark when I rebooted it. Another option would be attempt to use an external screen, like a TV or a monitor, if you have the cable to connect it to another display. Sometimes that works. May be a trip to the Apple Store to have them run a diagnostics test on it, there is a small chance of GPU failure or hard drive going bad.

Same happens after shutting down. When I came home after school this black screen happened.

Every once and a while I on the bottom of the screen I get a little white line flashing. Is there another way? When using an external display via the the Thunder cable, I was able to see the login options, my account and guest account. When I typed in my password it started to load. I tried logging into the guest account and it was the same thing.

I was using the computer yesterday, opened it today and black screen of death. Any suggestions? I had reoccurring issues every couple of weeks with these symptoms and related startup issues. Thanks for the help — this was awesome. I have tried every single thing known to man and still have the same issue. No apple lit up and screens not coming on…. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I reset the SMC — the first option and all is well again.