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MultiBoot Windows, macOS, Ubuntu & PhoenixOS with Clover (UEFI)

You must have the prerequisite libraries to read hfsplus partitions to make this work. Ubuntu Community Ask! Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. R -rw-r--r-- 1 dialout Dec 3 Rhistory -rw 1 dialout May 3 Trash -rw 1 dialout Apr 14 I don't know if you have the answer yet or not.

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Try typing in from a terminal window sudo nautilus and then see if you can access the contents of that drive. It is external right now. It did, however, only mount it as read only. It does that to protect the files. I can read any files from within any of the folders though.

Create a Bootable Ubuntu USB Drive in Mac OS X

It mounts it as read only. I think you may have commented on the wrong one.

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  4. Oh, I posted it down there because I was responding to the mount command he suggested in his post. Probably means the chown command terminated early.

    How to Install and Dual Boot Linux and Mac OS

    A related question on that, though: does chown from Ubuntu modify the actual permissions on the Mac OS X partition, or just the access that Ubuntu has to the existing files? In other words, could chown cause problems for my OS X installation? Thank you! I assume it'd be the mac ones, but I just want to check.

    Also, how easy is it for me to break permissions by changing uid and gid? I've barely used Ubuntu just installed it today, actually.


    Would it be best for me to do a clean install, or is it probably fine if I made sure to use chown? Try -p instead. Mac is evil with perms though. Read the man page for mount options and learn what they do.

    MactelSupportTeam/AppleIntelInstallation - Community Help Wiki

    If you are really concerned then do a fresh Ubuntu reinstall. It's insanely easy to break permissions if the wrong uid or gid is set which is why I put so much emphasis to my warning at the beginning of my answer.

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    • Partition Your Mac?

    Instead, everything needs to be set up manually ahead of time in the disk utility. Do not worry, the partition will be re-formatted later on. Plug in your Ubuntu USB and reboot. As the Mac reboots, hold down one of the option buttons on the keyboard.

    Setting up the partitioning in macOS is the hardest part. Step 2: Allow Ubuntu to detect macOS on your computer. In the partition menu, highlight the large Ubuntu Fat32 partition by clicking on it.

    Getting Linux running on your Mac

    Keep in mind that Ubuntu displays these partitions in megabytes not gigabytes, so you may need to do some math. Not sure what the device label for the Ubuntu partition is?