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Comparing RescueTime's price to that of other apps requires an open mind because few apps do exactly what RescueTime does. We can, however, look at more traditional time-tracking apps for freelancers that typically include tools for generating invoices. Harvest is a decent example. How you will interpret RescueTime's reports and make better use of your time as a result is much less clear. Toggl doesn't include its own invoicing tools, but it has several integration options for connecting with other invoicing services.

A few apps are closer to RescueTime in what they have to offer, such as Slife , although they tend to have fewer features even if they are free and Slife is. To reiterate, RescumeTime is a productivity tool in the sense that it helps you improve your time-management skills. It collects data about the apps and websites you use, and then generates reports based on that information.

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To get started, you create an account and install a desktop app on your computer s and optionally a mobile app on Android devices. There is no iOS app because the operating system prevents RescueTime from collecting the data it needs to perform its function. Those apps quietly and invisibly track which apps you use and which websites you visit, as well as the amount of time you spend on them.

The tough nut to crack is how to make sense of all that information. To get the best results, you must customize your account from the RescueTime website and tell the app more about what you consider productive versus unproductive activity. The more you fine-tune it to your particular circumstances, the better your results.

RescueTime - Install the RescueTime application and start collecting data in sixty seconds!

For example, someone who works in the finances industry might classify reading financial news on sites such as MarketWatch and FT. You can categorize every app and website on a 5-point scale of very productive, productive, neutral, unproductive, and very unproductive. You can also categorize activity into work categorizes. Looking at Redfin. From the desktop app, there's a simple set of controls that lets you pause RescueTime for 15 minutes, one hour, or until tomorrow, giving you easy access to switching the app off for breaks or days when you wrap up early.

Much of the value you get from RescueTime comes from what you make of the data and how you use that information to influence your own behavior. Changing behavior is hard, but getting rich insights doesn't have to be. One of the ways RescueTime makes it easy to understand how to interpret all the data it collects is with a Productivity Pulse score. This daily score, shown as a percent, comes from calculating the percent of time spent on very productive, productive, neutral, unproductive, and very unproductive tasks.

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To be clear, no one is advocating you aim for a percent Productivity Pulse score. A RescueTime blog post explaining the productivity score notes that the average score is 67 percent, and the in-house average is 79 percent.

Most people need to do some work that isn't considered "very productive" during their day. The whole point of using RescueTime is to help you figure out how to focus on productive and very productive tasks when you need to and perhaps save less productive activities for times when your ability to focus was waning anyway. Less productive tasks are not the same thing as distractions. RescueTime has a simple and smart feature for curbing unwanted behavior, such as getting sucked into distracting websites, too.

A feature called FocusTime, when enabled, blocks your ability to access certain websites for a period of time you specify. It takes a little setting up and customization, but once it's ready to deploy, it's quite effective. As an example, let's say you want to to finish a report, and to make progress on it, you really need to focus hardcore for at least the next 30 minutes. Switch on FocusTime, and it can block you from looking at email, posting on Twitter, checking sports scores, or whatever other sites and activities you deem distracting.

We love them. But much like cameras, the best planner is often the one you have with you. Website Time Tracker is an app which automatically tracks the time spent on your Mac and websites everyday! Instant is a menu bar app that also lets you keep track of your productive and unproductive time. DeskCover is an application for Mac that highlights the active application and shades all other windows. Sense helps you to figure out this. If you're using your phone too much, you can set daily limits on yourself and be notified when you go over. Make some free time for your family and friends with Sense.

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Please downloa d RescueTime from the official website. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. RescueTime is a Web-based time management and analytics tool which View full description. Softonic review If you could see at a glance where the majority of your time is being spent on your Mac, you'd probably be able to identify areas where you can save time and increase productivity.

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