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I tried reinstall mac os x, the problem remains. I think that the problem is firmware because I tried Live cd ubuntu and the keyboard work greatly. Do You think the problem is firmware? What I have to do if it's a firmware problem? Show 6 more comments. Turn the computer off, take off the shift key, and reboot the Macbook. If the computer boots as it should, make sure to reinstall the key correctly. I guess the scissor mechanism or the metal arm under the key is not well fixed. Or something could be caught underneath pressing on the little nipple that actuates the key.

Olga Mathews. I had a similar problem, the left shift key appears to be damaged, it doesn't feel 'right' when pressed. The machine works perfectly with a USB keyboard. Apple are only interested in replacing the whole keyboard, and say they may need to replace the top cover too. Not cheap! I'm not too confident about fixing the key myself, so I used a software fix. I downloaded and installed KeyRemap4MacBook, then disabled the left shift key, clicked on the 'Reload XML' button, and all now works OK, except i can only use the right shift key, which isn't a huge issue.

Shift key stuck, how to bypass Safe Boot?

Caps lock is still OK. This fix is at the software level, so you still need to hold down the option key to bypass safe boot. You also need to go into the system preferences and add KeyRemap4MacBook as an application that should start on login. Great information! Thanks so much for the option key tip. My computer is finally out of safe mode. Jeff Mandell.

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  • How To Exit Safe Mode If Stuck?

I spilled some milk all over my keyboard a month ago. It has slowly been improving keyboard didn't used to work, but now it works near perfectly. The only problem that I still have is that the left shift button seems to be stuck. It was mentioned above in this discussion that the c or esc button needs to be held down to not boot up in safe mode with a stuck shift key.

This did not work for me. I held down the option key and that worked for me. Finally out of Safe Mode!

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I'm on version While I was investigating my problem of a stuck shift key I found multiple answers that pointed in a faulty mainboard direction I had a moisture spillage on the laptop. After the spillage had happned I disassembled the complete laptop, put the top cover with glued-on keyboard complete in a very hot water tub and let it stay there for a while, to clean out the moisture residue, also the trackpad which didn't register hardware cilcks anymore.

I managed to compeltely clean out the microswitch under the trackpad, it clicks really snappy again but it still doesn't work, neither was the problem of the stuck shift key solved. You can switch "Touch pad to click" on in settings and that works once booted. Currently I'm using the macbook pressing C or Esc key while booting both work in snow leopard and I use a small wireless iMac keyboard with it as external keyboard.

I thought I had a corrupt lion install but swapping the lion harddrive to my mac mini worked ok. I must admit i didnt know about pressing C during boot maybe that still works under osx lion. Violent Models. I have a macbook that's had a spillage on it. A couple of keys don't work and the shift key randomly decides to stay active when it feels like it. Removing the actual key itself makes no difference and there is no sign of the little rubber nipple being stuck down so it must be damage to the actual inner workings of the board.

Is there any way of actually disabling a key at firmware level that anyone knows of so it doesn't register any more even at boot? I'd like to be able to just deem that key completely unavailable as much as it will suck having to use the right shift key as standard. I was reading that disabling the internal keyboard taking out the connection from the logic board means disabling also the POWER button.

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Is there a way to manually connect the power button to the pins in the logic board for turning the mac on? Daniel Dooling.

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  8. Ben Dover. I had the same problem with my MacBook Pro I also had issues with running applications as it would highlight programs when just choosing one to run, that also has been resolved after the logic board repair because of an ounce of water spillage.

    Reasons to start your Mac in Safe Mode

    Enter your search terms. Zoom Mac OS X: Mac OS X: Sticky Keys. Click on the Keyboard tab. Check the radio button labeled On in the Sticky Keys section Figure 1. Figure 2. Went to the Apple Store this morning and was told that they wouldn't even take out the key and clean it, and that the entire top case would have to be replaced. A total bill of Euros which I cannot afford. I had a USB keyboard that would let me use the Mac for the moment so I decided to try to work out a fix. If only one shift key was the problem, then you are done. If both shift keys were shorted, then its likely other keys are too.

    In which case you should probably just replace the entire thing. If you think other keys are not affected, then you can use KeyRemap4MacBook itself to remap the shift functionality to a lesser used key like the Left Option key. As soon as I can save some money, I will get my topcase and keyboard replaced but until then this solution works great with minimal change.

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    Hope this helps! I have the same problem, from the same cause: If I don't press any keys at all while booting, it always boots into safe mode. So now instead I always hold down the space bar just after the chime and then it boots normally. I posted this answer to a similar question here: Shift key damaged how to disable at boot.

    You could enable a firmware password. When a firmware EFI password is active it prevents modifier keys during the boot process unless you first disable the firmware password. Apple's KB article detailing this behavior - HT I'm going to assume that you can't boot to your recovery partition, or an installer disc, thanks to the stuck shift key. Typically you would enable the firmware password from either of these options, however it's still possible to do from the OS.

    SOLVED: Why is my MacBook shift key always pressed? - MacBook - iFixit

    By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Chillie Chillie 3 While c didn't work for me, the threads you posted contained advice on pressing any number of keys to avoid Safe-Boot.