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Whether you're typing an email to your boss or writing a novel, grammar and spelling are critical. You need tools that do the heavy lifting, reading over each word for clarity and correctness.

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Here are the best spelling and grammar check apps you can use anywhere on various devices and browsers. Grammarly is best known for being an all-around great app for documents, social media posts, and any other text. The app is available online through the app's website and also includes extensions for Mac and Windows. If you use Microsoft Word , Grammarly also connects directly through the software. Grammarly Keyword is the app's mobile keyboard extension that works with both iOS and Android devices.

If you're using Grammarly for basic grammar checking, you'll benefit the most from the free version. WhiteSmoke is a complete grammar checker built for all devices. In fact, Whitesmoke integrates with Mac, Windows, and all available browsers. The mobile app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

WhiteSmoke includes a grammar, spelling, style and punctuation checker, as well as a unique translation feature. With full-text translation to and from 55 different languages, WhiteSmoke makes it easy to communicate no matter your location. WhiteSmoke features three different pricing plans: Essential, Premium and Business. Your emails, Google Docs , and social media posts should all be error-free.

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That's where Ginger comes in. You can also copy and paste your text into the companion window to get started. Ginger's tools include a grammar checker, sentence rephrase, word prediction, and more. The app is free to use unless you wish to unlock all of its capabilities by purchasing Premium.

If you're a student, you'll benefit from the student discount. Sometimes, you need a more creative and flavorful word beyond the basic.

For those moments, CorrectMe is there as an all-in-one spell checker and thesaurus. Use the app to correct your text and the built-in synonym checker to find different words for your search term.

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CorrectMe is free on iOS devices. The app offers a Pro version that removes ads and unlocks more features, such as smart recommendations and grammar explanations. Have you ever needed a spell check on the go? If the problem continues to occur, select an option in the References section of this article to look for more help.

If the information in this knowledge base article did not help resolve your problem, select one of the following options: More Microsoft online articles : Perform a search to find more online articles about spell check problems in Word for Mac Help from the Microsoft Answers online community : Visit the Answers community and search or post your Word for Mac spell check problems Contact Microsoft support : Find the phone number to contact Microsoft Support.

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