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If you need a third level, follow the subentry text with a colon.

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To create a cross-reference to another entry, click Cross-reference under Options , and then type the text for the other entry in the box. To format the page numbers that will appear in the index, under Page number format , select Bold or Italic. Click Mark to mark the index entry. To mark this text everywhere it shows up in the document, click Mark All. In the Index dialog box, you can choose the format for text entries, page numbers, tabs, and other characters.

You can also change the overall look of the index by choosing one of the options under Formats. When you choose an option, you'll see a preview in the box to right.

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You can create an index entry for a specific word, phrase, or symbol, or for a topic that spans a range of pages. On the Insert menu, click Index and Tables. To create a subentry, specify the main index entry, and then type the subentry in the Subentry box. To create a third-level entry, type the subentry text followed by a colon : and the text of the third-level entry. The first occurrence of this text in each paragraph in the document that exactly matches the uppercase and lowercase letters in the entry.

When you build the index, Word puts the symbols at the beginning of the index.

To mark additional index entries, select the text or click immediately after it, click in the Mark Index Entry dialog box, and then repeat steps 4 and 5. Mark index entries for text that spans a range of pages.

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In the Bookmark name box, type a name, and then click Add. In the Main entry box, type the index entry for the marked text. In the Bookmark box, type or select the bookmark name that you typed in step 3. If you change the index entries in the finished index, Word deletes your changes the next time that you rebuild the index.


To permanently keep your formatting changes, format the index entry fields in the document. Main entry. Cross reference. After you create the index entries, you can build the index in your document. An index typically appears at or near the end of a document.

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However, you can insert the index anywhere in the document. Build an index by using one of the supplied index designs.

Headings formatted with the H1 style become main topics, while headings formatted with H2 become subtopics. You may be working with a document that's already written and needs a Table of Contents added, but you want to preserve the font and formatting of the document. If you want to customize the automatic headings to match what's already in the document, format them with the H1 or H2 styles as appropriate.

Create a table of contents

Once that's done, follow these steps:. If you make changes to your document that affect the table of contents, you can update it by clicking on it and choosing Update Table. You can choose to update page numbers only or the entire table of contents. When applying heading styles that are incorporated automatically, you should opt to update the entire table to account for any text edits or page changes within the document.

Updating and Inserting a Table of Contents in Word for Mac

An automatic table of contents has hyperlinks built in to navigate through the document quickly. This is an especially helpful tool for long documents.

There are also many ways to customize your table of contents. The font and size can be adjusted by highlighting the text as you normally would in a Word document, then going to the Home tab to select a font, size, color, etc. Access advanced font customization options by clicking on the More Options icon.